June 26, 2024

Juz 10

Summary of JUZ-10

This summary of the tenth  juzz covers Surah Al Anfal ayah 41 to Surah At Tauba ayah 93.

Beginning of tenth Juz

The tenth Juz commences with mention of booty. Allâh declares, “Know that from whatever spoils of war that you acquire, a fifth of it shall be for Allâh, His messenger, the relatives, the poor, the orphans and the travellers” (verse 41).
The remaining four­-fifths will be distributed among the Mujâhidîn [the Muslim soldiers who fought in the battle].

Allâh then discusses certain details about the Battle of Badr. Allâh addresses the Mu’minîn saying, “Obey Allâh and His Nabî and do not fall into dispute with each other, for then you will become cowardly and your strength will be lost. Be patient, for verily Allâh is with the patient ones.” (verse 46)

Allâh commands the Muslims further: “Prepare against them (your enemies) whatever forces of strength you can muster…” (verse 60). 
In addition to amassing weapons and battle provisions, Muslims must always have conviction in Allâh’s assistance. Allâh then assures the Muslims: “Whatever you may spend in Allâh’s way will be given to you in full and you will not be oppressed.” (verse 60)

Addressing Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam it, Allâh says, “Oh Nabî Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam, exhort the Mu’minîn to fight.” (verse 65). 
Allâh informs the Muslims that if they are righteous, resolute and trust firmly in Allâh, they will be able to vanquish an army larger than themselves.

Prisoners of war should not be captured merely with the intention of earning ransom money.

Towards the end of the Sûrah, Muslims are urged to keep religious objectives in mind when migrating or when waging Jihâd. 
Earning the booty must never be the objective.

Allâh outlines a principle of inheritance at the end of Sûrah Anfâl when He says, ‑Those who are relatives are closer to each other in Allâh’s Book. (verse 75)

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