June 26, 2024


Summary of Juz-20

Allâh says further, “So he (Qârun) emerged among his people in pomp and splendour. Those who desired the world gaped, ‘If only we also possessed what Qârun has! Undoubtedly, he is 
extremely fortunate.’

Those who were granted knowledge said, ‘Woe to you! Allâh’s rewards are better for the one who believes and does good acts. Only the patient ones shall receive this’ (verses 79 and 80). As a result of his pride and failure to fulfil the obligatory rights of his riches, Allâh ‘plunged Qârun and his home within the ground.'” (verse 81)

This incident proves that everything besides Allâh shall perish even though a thing may seem great and powerful.

Sûrah Qasâs ends on the note of Tauhîd where Allâh says, “Do not call to another deity with Allâh. There is none worthy of worship but Him. Everything shall perish besides His Countenance. All decisions rest with Him and to Him shall you all be returned.” (verse 88)

Sûrah Ankabût follows Sûrah Qasâs and it beautifully distinguishes between the true Mu’minîn and the Munâfiqîn as well as between those who are true and those who are false.

The narratives of many Ambiyâ are also related. Allâh begins the Sûrah by stating, “Do people think that they will be left to say, ‘We believe!’ without being tested? We certainly tested those before them, and Allâh will definitely know about those who are true and He will definitely know the liars.” (verses 2-3)

Although Allâh has commanded man to be obedient to his parents, Allâh mentions in this Sûrah that parents should not be obeyed if they attempt to induce one to forsake Islâm. “The creation cannot be obeyed if the Creator would be disobeyed.” 
Allâh says, “The disbelievers say to the believers, ‘Follow our way and we will bear the burden of your sins.’ They will not carry any part of their sins. They are certain liars.” (verse 12)

Allâh then cites the incident of Hadhrat Nûh who preached to his nation for 950 years. Despite his tireless efforts, the vast majority of them refused to accept his message and were eventually drowned in the flood.

Allâh then speaks of the annihilation of the nations of Hadhrat Ibrahîm Alayhis Salâm Hadhrat Lût Alayhis Salâm and Hadhrat Shu’ayb Alayhis Salâm.

There are many lessons that the Mu’minîn may learn from all these narratives.

May Allâh bless us with fear for Him, humility and abstinence. 
May Allâh save us from the evils of pride, arrogance and boastfulness; and imbue the belief of Tauhîd within us.
May He grant us the ability to exercise patience when tested and faced with adversities.


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