July 16, 2024


Summary of JUZ-24

The 24th Juz commences with verse 32 of Sûrah Zumar and includes Sûrah Mu’min and Sûrah Hâ-Mîm Sajdah.

Allâh says in the first verse of the Juz, “Who can be more unjust than he who lies about Allâh, and rejects the truth when it comes to him? Is there no abode for the disbelievers in Jahannam? The one who brings the truth and confirms it, these are the people who are abstinent.” (verses 32/3 of Sûrah Zumar)

Allâh promises that He will assist Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam when He declares in verse 36, “Is Allâh not Sufficient for His bondsman?” 
Allâh also addresses Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam saying, “Without doubt, We have revealed to you a Book with the truth for the people. Whoever is rightly-guided, is guided for his benefit, and whoever is misguided, then it is to his own detriment. You have not been sent as a warner over them (and therefore cannot be held responsible for their acts).” (verse 41)

Allâh emphasises that sustenance proceeds only from Him and that the Kuffâr always have a chance to be forgiven if they repent to Allâh sincerely.

Sûrah Mu’min (also knwn as Surah Al Ghafir) follows Sûrah Zumar. Allâh declares in this Sûrah, “This Book is revealed from Allâh, The Mighty, The All Knowing, the Forgiver of sins, Acceptor of repentance, Stern in punishment, and All Powerful. There is none worthy of worship besides Him, and all shall return to Him.” (verses 2 and 3)

In verse 4 Allâh addresses Rasulullâh Sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam as well as the Mu’minîn when He says, “It is only the disbelievers who argue about Allâh’s verses, so let not their travelling about through the lands (and their apparent might) deceive you (because Allâh will soon punish them and they are destined to be fuel for Jahannam).”

Allâh urges all Muslims to worship only Allâh and to abstain from shirk even though the Kuffâr and Mushrikîn detest this.

Allâh sent the Ambiyâ to warn people of the difficult Day of Qiyâmah when every act will be apparent. It will be a day of justice and every person will receive the full recompense for whatever good or evil s/he did. Allâh’s judgement will be binding and He will not be the least unjust to anyone.

Allâh declares in verse 51, “We shall definitely assist Our Ambiyâ and those who believe in this worldly life, as well as on the Day witnesses will stand (the Day of Qiyâmah).”

It will therefore be wisest for people to seek refuge with Allâh and bear in mind that “The blind and seeing cannot be equal, neither can those who believe and do good acts be equal to the sinner. Little is it that they take heed.” (verse 58)

Sûrah Hâ Mîm Sajdah (also known as Sûrah Fussilat) begins after Sûrah Mu’min. 
Allâh says in verse 4 of the Sûrah that the Qur’ân is both “a bearer of glad tidings (for the righteous Mu’minîn) and a warner (for the others).”

Allâh instructs Rasulullâh to announce to the people that he is also a human being like themselves, the only difference being that revelation comes to him. It is this revelation that stresses “that your Deity is only One. So remain devoted to Him, and seek forgiveness from Him.” (verse 6)

Allâh exhorts Muslims to pay their zakâh and to have a firm conviction in the advent of Qiyâmah, when their limbs will testify against them.

Allâh also advises Muslims to seek refuge with Allâh whenever Shaytân attempts to mislead them because Allâh is All Hearing and All Knowing. Only Allâh is worthy of worship.

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