July 16, 2024

Juz 7

Summary of JUZ-7

This summary of the seventh  Juzz  covers frm ayahs 83 of Surah Al Maeda to ayah 110 of Surah Al Anaam.

Beginning of the Seventh Juz

Allâh also draws man’s attention to the fact that the person who forbids something that Allâh has permitted will be guilty of following his carnal desires [his nafs] instead of Allâh’s injunctions.

An example of this is the concept of monasticism that the Christians devised by which they would totally forsake the world and forbid themselves Halâl pleasures. This concept is incorrect and impermissible.

Allâh also reminds the Mu’minîn that they will be taken to task for every oath that they fail to fulfil.

The Kafâra [atonement] for breaching such a promise is that a person should either feed ten poor people, clothe them, set a slave free or fast for three days.

Allâh also urges Muslims not to take intoxicants, not to gamble and not to divine the future. Allâh declares these acts to be Harâm (temptations) of Shaytân.

Sûrah Mâ’idah mentions how Allâh will question every Nabî about his nation. They will declare that they only did as they were told and that Allâh alone knows the reality of all hidden matters. 
The Sûrah also mentions the penalty for hunting an animal while in the state of Ihrâm. Of course, every such situation has its own unique set of circumstances, which will necessitate a unique ruling. These matters should be referred to the men of knowledge.

On the Day of Qiyâmah Allâh will remind Hadhrat Îsa Alayhis Salâm about his miraculous birth, about the various miracles that Allâh allowed him to perform and about the favours that Allâh bestowed on him and his mother Hadhrat Maryam (R.A). Allâh will then ask him, “O Îsa, son of Maryam! Did you tell the people, ‘Take myself and my mother both as deities instead of Allâh?'”
Hadhrat Îsa will deny that he ever encouraged this and will accede, ‘You know what is in my heart… I only told them what You had commanded me with i.e. ‘Worship Allâh, Who is my Rabb and your Rabb!’ … If You punish them, then verily they are Your slaves, and if You pardon them, then surely You are the Mighty, the Wise.'” (verses 116-118 of Sûrah Mâ’idah).

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