July 16, 2024

Juz 9

Summary of Juz 9

The summary of the ninth Juz covers from Surah Al Araaf Ayah 88 to Surah Al Anfal Ayah 40.

After narrating the incidents Allah says, “When your Rabb extracted from the backs of the children of Adam their progeny and called them to witness over themselves saying, ‘Am I not your Rabb?’ They replied, ‘Certainly! We attest to it.’ ( Ayah 172)

Allah then says that those people who are greedy and live only to fulfil their desires are like dogs that pant with their tongues hanging out. Allah has made Jahannam for these people because “They have hearts with which they cannot understand, they have eyes with which they cannot see and they have ears with which they cannot hear. (In fact) They are like animals, but even more deviated.” ( Ayah 179)

Allah tells Rasulullah SAW that if the Kuffar call him a wizard or a madman, he should not heed their taunts and should tell them that he is a warner to them and a bearer of glad tidings to those who will accept his message.

Allah also explains to Rasulullah SAW that he should bear the harassment of the Kuffar with tolerance so that any reaction of his should not obstruct the propagation of Islam.

In Ayah 199 Allah enjoins Rasulullah SAW saying, “Adopt forgiveness, enjoin what is right and ignore the ignorant.” In addition to this, Allah also commands Rasulullah SAW to engage in dhikr morning and evening in the heart as well as verbally.

We should pray to Allah to grant us the ability to accept the Prophethood of Rasulullah SAW both verbally and practically.

May He also grant us conviction in the Akhirah and make us among those who can sincerely ask from Him.

Allah opens Surah Anfal by discussing the distribution of the spoils of war. Allah says, “The spoils of war are for Allah and His messenger.” (i.e. Rasulullah would distribute one‑fifth of the booty among those who were deserving).

Thereafter Allah invokes man saying, “So fear Allah, correct your mutual relations and obey Allah and His Nabi if you are believers.” (Ayah 1).

Allah then described the true Mu’minin when He says, “The Mu’minin are those whose hearts tremble when Allah is mentioned, whose faith [Imaan] increases when His ayahs are recited to them and they trust only in their Rabb. They are those who establish Salah and spend from what We have provided for them. These are the true Mu’minin! For them shall be ranks by their Rabb, forgiveness and bountiful sustenance.” ( Ayahs 2-4)

Allah then mentions the assistance that He rendered to the Muslims during the Battle of Badr when He sent thousands of angels to fight with them. Allah also cast fear into the hearts of the Kuffar despite their overwhelming numbers.

Allah then declares that there awaits a severe punishment for those who oppose Allah and Rasulullah.

Thereafter, Allah exhorts the Mu’minin to fight in Jihad with fervour. Allah says, “Oh you who believe, when you meet the disbelievers in battle, do not turn your backs to them” ( Ayah 15).

Allah says that the person who flees from the battlefield because of cowardice shall draw Allah’s wrath upon himself.

Towards the end of the Juz, Allah says, “Fight them until no anarchy [kufr] exists and all religion (worship) is for Allah. So if they desist (from kufr and shirk), then indeed Allah is watchful over what they do. If they turn away, then know that Allah is your Protecting Friend. What a terrific Friend and what a terrific Helper!’ ( Ayahs 39 – 40).

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