July 23, 2024

Juz 2

Summary of Juz 2⃣
This summary of the second Juz covers Ayahs 142 -252 of Surah Al Baqarah.

The beginning of the second Juz discusses the change of Qiblah. Allah commands the Muslims to face towards the Ka’bah instead of Baitul Muqaddis [Jerusalem] when performing Salah. Consequently, Muslims will always be required to face towards the Ka’bah wherever they may be.

Allah also prohibits the eating of carrion (dead animals), blood, swine and all animals that have been sacrificed in the name of any being besides Allah.

To a very large extent, Surah Baqarah discusses the complete message of Islam, dealing with matters such as the rights of Allah, the rights of man, the method of living and the principles of social interaction. It also outlines laws pertaining to Salah, Zakah and Hajj.

In addition to this, charity, social welfare, mutual consultation, marriage, divorce, Iddah [waiting period after a woman is divorced or widowed], bequests, commerce and giving loans are also discussed.

The Surah also presents many commands and prohibitions, devoting much attention to matters that are permissible and those that are not. These may be referred to as a complete code of life.

The details of Iman and the criteria of Iman are also discussed in this part of the Surah.

Allah emphasises that people should believe in Allah, His Rasul, the Day of Qiyamah, the angels, all His other Ambiya AS and all the Divine Scriptures that were revealed to various Ambiya AS during their respective periods.

Allah also commands Muslims to spend generously on their parents, relatives, the poor, orphans, travellers and those slaves who wish to purchase their freedom.

Allah commands that a murderer be executed [Qisas]. However, if the heirs of the murdered person choose to rather accept the blood money, it will have to be paid.

Fasting is ordained in this Surah, but people who are unable to fast have been granted certain concessions.

Allah makes it clear that marriage of Muslims to Mushrikeen men and women is prohibited.

In addition to this, the Surah makes it clear that children are allowed to be suckled for a maximum period of two years.

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