June 26, 2024

Answer 16

The creation is collected for first forty days in mother’s womb, in the form of

________ Then it turns into ________ Then it becomes ________

Then Allah sends an angel to record four things.

What are they??


Abdullah bin Masood who said, that the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alaihi wa salalam) said:

The creation of everyone of you is collected for the first forty days in his mother’s womb in the form of a *Nutfah* after which it turns into a *Alaqa* for an equal period. Then it becomes a *Mudhqah* for a similar period and then Allah sends an angel with four words recording:

the person’s provision,

his life term,

his deeds, or

whether he will be of the wretched or the blessed (in the Hereafter).”

Sahih al-Bukhari vol.8, p.387, no.593 and . Sahih Muslim vol.4, p.1391, no.6390


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