May 20, 2024

Answer 40

It was narrated from Makhramah bin Sulaiman that Kuraib – the freed slave of Ibn ‘Abbas – told him:

“I asked Ibn ‘Abbas: ‘How did the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) pray at night?’ He said:

‘He prayed eleven Rak’ahs including Witr, then he slept deeply until I could hear him snoring, then Bilal came to him and said: “The prayer, O Messenger of Allah!” Then he got up and prayed two brief Rak’ahs then led the people in prayer, *and he did not perform Wudu’.’*


Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)

Sunan an-Nasa’i, The Book of the Adhan (The Call to Prayer)
English reference
Vol. 1, Book 7, Hadith 687 Arabic reference
Book 7, Hadith 694

Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam’s Heart does not sleep

Narrated ‘Abu Salma bin `Abdur Rahman:
I asked `Aisha, “How is the prayer of Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) during the month of Ramadan.” She said,

“Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) never exceeded eleven rak`at in Ramadan or in other months; he used to offer four rak`at– do not ask me about their beauty and length, then four rak`at, do not ask me about their beauty and length, and then three rak`at.”

Aisha further said, “I said, ‘O Allah’s Messenger (pbuh)! Do you sleep before offering the witr prayer?’ He replied,

‘O `Aisha! My eyes sleep but my heart remains awake’!”


Sahih al-Bukhari, Prayer at Night (Tahajjud)
Book 19, Hadith 28

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